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What is benzyl alcohol? What are the applications of benzyl alcohol?

Jul 04,2023 | 林彦丰

In recent years, my country's benzyl alcohol preparation process has matured, and the industry concentration has continued to increase. The name of benzyl alcohol is also known by more people. So, what exactly is benzyl alcohol? What are the main areas of application?

Benzyl alcohol, also known as benzyl alcohol, English name Benzyl alcohol, is a colorless liquid with aroma, molecular formula C7H8O, CAS number: 100-51-6, is one of the simplest aromatic alcohols, can be regarded as benzene Carbinol substituted with radicals, most of them exist in essential oils in the form of esters in nature, such as jasmine oil, hyacinth oil and Peru balsam.

At present, benzyl alcohol is widely used in daily cosmetic essence, industrial chemical production and food flavor.

  • Cosmetic fragrance

Benzyl alcohol is a very useful fixative, and it is an indispensable spice when blending jasmine, moonshine, ylang-ylang and other essences. It can be used to prepare soap, or as daily cosmetic essence.

2. Industrial chemicals

Used in paints, paint solvents, solvents for vitamin B injections, preservatives for ointments or liquid medicines, cellulose esters, solvents for casein, pens (ballpoint pen oil), etc.

3. Edible spices

Used in the preparation of floral oils and medicines, etc., and also used as solvents and fixatives for spices; GB 2760--1996 stipulates that it is temporarily allowed to be used as a food spice. It is also a fixative and grease solvent. As a spice, it is mainly used in the preparation of berry and nut flavors; as a solvent, plasticizer, preservative, and in the manufacture of spices, soaps, medicines, dyes, etc.

As the main additive of daily-use chemical products, the market demand for benzyl alcohol is continuously released, and the industry development trend is stable. Driven by the technological innovation of leading enterprises and the rapid development of the industry, my country's benzyl alcohol market will continue to expand and usher in further development.